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Lincrusta Heritage offers expertise and specialist material knowledge which has helped to identify various embossed raised-relief wallpapers either in-situ or from photographic images.

Neither the whole nor any part of these images and details, or any reference contained within, may be included in any published document, circular or statement, or published in any other way, without the author’s written approval of the form and content in which it may appear.

ceiling pattern from a house circa 1900 identified as an Anaglypta design by Architect Owen W. Davis 

Picture 5_edited.png

A ceiling design circa 1905 identified as a Lignomur wallpaper

Picture 1_edited.png

A Lignomur ceiling design pre WWI

Picture 2_edited.png

ceiling design circa 1900 identified as a Lignomur 

Picture 4_edited.png

ceiling design identified as an early Lignomur

Picture 3_edited.png
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