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Illuminating the Past


An integral part of good conservation and restoration practice is investigation, with many reasons as to why a building and/or its interior may need to be known.  As a professional, business or home owner you may wish:

  • To learn more of the history of a building and its interior

  • To be better informed about the historic materials used within a building to assist with issues of Health & Safety*,

       on-going maintenance, conservation or restoration

  • To seek answers in support of planning applications, restoration projects or insurance claims

  • To add emphasis to significant or unique features within a building in order to aid in sales marketing

Lincrusta Heritage can provide the background historical and analytical information required to inform on Health and Safety issues, material understanding, conservation and restoration processes for Lincrusta and other embossed, raised relief wall-coverings.  In addition, Lincrusta Heritage can supply heritage statements and other assessment reports in support of planning applications and insurance claims on behalf of architects, builders, business owners, decorators, engineers, homeowners, interior designers, property developers, surveyors and other historic building professionals.


Lincrusta Heritage will carry out research utilising online, primary and secondary resources, with the addition of site visits and additional resources identified and retrieved from local, national and commercial archives.


Lincrusta Heritage can also be engaged to research and uncover the history and structural development of your property as well as to illuminate previous occupants and uncover available recorded alterations made to the property and its interior.


Lincrusta Heritage offers bound and illustrated documentation of research to include copies of available historical documentation, plans, photographs, illustrations and maps.

*Lincrusta Heritage offer peace of mind for customers concerned their material may be historic Salamander which produced fire-retardant wall and ceiling wall-coverings in asbestos, utilising the late 19th and early 20th century designs of Anaglypta.

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