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  • Lincrusta Heritage is a research and restoration consultancy team working to support the conservation, restoration, knowledge and appreciation of historic Lincrusta, Anaglypta, Calcorian, Caméoid, Cordelova, Cortecine, Lignomur, Salamander, Subercorium and Tynecastle Tapestry; the embossed raised relief wall-coverings invented at the latter end of the nineteenth century.

  • Assistance, advice and support is provided to the professional, business and homeowner engaged in building and interior restoration in order to identify, report/document*, stabilise, refurbish and restore historic embossed materials to walls and ceilings.


  • Clients are offered a number of packages to include material surveys, design identification, bespoke design replication and restoration.

  • Lincrusta Heritage offers a unique service in the identification of materials through microscopic analysis to include asbestos testing.

  • Archival building research in support of funding or listed building applications is also available.


  • Restoration of any design is undertaken by qualified conservators and restorers with advanced training in Lincrusta and embossed raised relief restoration.  A bespoke service is also offered if looking to restore a material from historic images.

*Reports and documents are accompanied by digital images of all relevant archival documents.

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